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Welcome To RW Trailers

RW Trailers will build your custom-built trailer in under 15 days. We have been supplying trailers for the last 25 years. We have built trailers for rental fleets, farmers, industry and the home user. A lot of our trailers have had a life span of between 15 and 20 years. All our trailers carry a 12 month no nonsense guarantee. Why get your trailer from a supermarket when you can have a trailer custom-built direct from the manufacture to meet your own requirements ?

Quality Trailers
All trail­ers are given a primer under­coat and two coats of paint. All trail­ers have SABS approved axles, auto revers­ing brakes and a hydraul­ic­ally damped hitch with a cast coup­ling and power assisted hand brake on some mod­els Our Trail­ers are made from the highest qual­ity com­pon­ents, all of which and built in accord­ance with both the National Coun­cil of Reg­u­lat­ory Ser­vices (NCRS) as well as the National Roads Act.RW Trail­ers spe­cial­ises in man­u­fac­tur­ing custom-built trail­ers. Built to the cli­ents require­ments. We are able to quote for insur­ance work and acci­dent dam­age repairs, col­lec­tion and deliv­ery can also be arranged.
Awesome trailers
Our Trailers are really awesome and you’re gonna love it. With our meticulous attention to detail and the love that goes into building our trailers, we just know that you are going to be completely content with your purchase. Gone will be the buyer’s remorse, the “I should have bought that cheapie I saw,” the “wonder how long this thing’s going to last.” With our knowledge in rental fleet ownership, we understand the immense abuse some of these rigs are put through and build ours to withstand and even outlast that rough treatment. And once all of that is said and done, our one year, no nonsense guarantee, just gives you that extra “peace-of-mind” to know that you purchased the right equipment.
Greatest service ever
For time a memorial, service has been the key to a successful business. Here at RW Trailers, we hold our client in the highest regard, spending time and effort on delivering the highest quality equipment within the time frames given. Our trailers, built over the years, bear testimony to the quality and superb workmanship that we have become proud of.